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The Unofficial

Columbia Ranch


Below are a few print ads from unknown magazines advertising 1964 Ford Motor cars. Ford and Chevrolet were major Televison Sponsors at the time. Many of their vehicles were used in shows, and thus their advertisements were usually filmed on the Lots.

Commercials and Advertisements featuring the Ranch.

Not only was the Ranch featured in TV Shows, movies and commercials, but also in print media.

The Ranch has been featured in many television commercials and print Ads over the past few decades.

From Amoco to Castrol, from Allstate to Astelin, the Ranch has been the backdrop. Even to this day many commercials are shooting on the Ranch. Please select from a clip to view, and see if you can spot what parts of the lot were used.

The Ranch was also featured in many other ads, including some recent ones. Below are some ads for Bell Telephone from 1976, Scott's Turf from 2008 and Home Depot also from 1976.

Click on the image to see a larger view. Many Thanks to Jeff Anderson for these!